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Adobe InDesign – Working with stroke 




» 01 – Scale stroke weight


InDesign offers a powerful set of drawing and transformation tools: so much so, that you can now easily create simple graphics from within InDesign, rather than stepping out into Illustrator and then importing the Illustrator artwork into InDesign and treating it as an external image. This tutorial sequence shows you how you can control whether or not stroke weights scale as you transform objects in InDesign.


InDesign CS3 – CC  |  mp4  |  3:18min


» 02 – Apply arrowheads


It’s straightforward to create arrowheads at the start or end of a line or path in InDesign, but as always, an awareness of interface detail can be critical.


InDesign CS3  |  mp4  |  1:51min


» 03 – Custom dashes


You can easily apply a dashed stroke to a line in InDesign and it’s also quite straightforward to create your own custom dash – it’s just a question of finding the control in the first instance. This tutorial sequence shows you how


InDesign CS3 – CC  |  mp4  |  2:16min












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