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Adobe InDesign – Selecting Objects 




» 01 – Selecting through a stack


Selecting objects which are behind other objects – selecting through a stack – is an essential selection technique. Anyone who has been on a formal InDesign intro course should already know this, but there are a surprising number of InDesign users who don’t know the technique.


InDesign CS3 – CC  |  mp4  |  2:15min


» 02 – Select through a stack and move


In the previous tutorial sequence you saw how you can select through a stack to objects that are obscured by other objects sitting on top of them. This tutorial sequence shows you a useful variation – how you can select through a stack and then reposition the object, without necessarily changing the stacking order itself.


InDesign CS3  |  mp4  |  1:45min


» 03 – Select next object above / below


In simple, straight forward layouts with columns of text, headlines and a few images, you probably don’t need the use the commands in this tutorial sequence, but when stacking order gets complex the Select sub-menu can come to the rescue. They become particularly useful if you start to build complex graphics, like the compass you saw in the previous sequences on selecting objects.


InDesign CS3 – CC  |  mp4  |  2:52min












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