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Adobe InDesign – Drawing Objects 




» 01 – Drawing objects from the center out


This video tutorial sequence shows you how you can use a modifier key to draw objects from the centre out – rather than from the point at which you start to drag.


InDesign CS3 – CC  |  mp4  |  1:20min


» 02 – Drawing from the center out – with precision


There can be times when you want to draw an object from the centre out, but you also need to draw it to specific dimensions. This video tutorial sequence shows you how you can do exactly that.


InDesign CS3 – CC  |  mp4  |  0:51min


» 03 – Drawing a basic star


There is not a specific star drawing tool in InDesign, but you can use the Polygon Frame tool, or the Polygon tool, to create a star.


InDesign CS3 – CC  |  mp4  |  2:12min


» 04 – Adding and removing points on a star


This tutorial demonstrates a technique for adding or removing points to a star as you draw it.


InDesign CS3 – CC  |  mp4  |  0:57min


» 05 –  Moving objects as you draw


The capabilities of InDesign continue to grow and expand, which means that you can develop more and more aspects of a page layout from within InDesign itself. Drawing functionality that used to be the preserve of Adobe Illustrator can now be found in InDesign. Knowing some of these techniques means you can work more quickly and efficiently. This tutorial sequence shows you how you can move and position an object as you draw it.


InDesign CS3 – CC  |  mp4  |  0:47min











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