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InDesign Training Quick Tips – Handling Text


» 01 – Text frame in and out   


When you perform an operation hundreds of times a day, saving a couple of seconds each time can soon improve your efficiency dramatically. Sometimes, it's the simplest of techniques that provide the biggest rewards. Here's an example of this – moving into a text frame to work on the text, then moving back out to work on the object, using a combination of keyboard and mouse shortcuts.


InDesign CS3 (QuickTime)
1 Mb


» 02 – Nought to 200 fast   


Count the number of times you zoom in and out as you work on InDesign documents during the course of a day. (Don't do this if you are easily frightened.) If you do it as many times as I do, you need the shortcut techniques in this tutorial move.


InDesign 2, CS, CS2, CS3
2 Mb


» 03 – Fit frame to content   


This is a really useful shortcut that allows you to make the size of a text frame match the size of the text inside it. It works best when there is no overmatter for the frame.


InDesign CS2, CS3
1 Mb


» 04 – Scale type visually   


In some cases you know an exact type size that you want to use for text; in others, you need to work more visually to get type to work within a particular area of your design. This mouse and keyboard technique shows you how to scale type visually.


InDesign CS, CS2, CS3
1.2 Mb









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