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Adobe InDesign – Working with images 




» 01 – 'A' and 'V' keyboard shortcuts


A and V are the shortcut keys for the Direct Selection tool and the Selection tool respectively. If you are happy using these two tools, the shortcuts make working with images quicker and more efficient.


InDesign CS3 – CC  |  mp4  |  1:51min


» 02 – Scaling images in proportion


For fast and efficient scaling of images, you can use a modifier key, such as Shift, as you drag selection handles on an image. You can scale the frame and the image in proportion, or you can scale just the image inside the frame in proportion.


InDesign CS3 – CC – CC  |  mp4  |  1:15min


» 03 – Placing multiple images


Here’s a quick tutorial on placing multiple images into an InDesign document. It uses Adobe Bridge together with InDesign. It’s just one example of a range of powerful and useful techniques on offer in Bridge.


InDesign CS3 – CC – CC  |  mp4  |  1:15min


» 04 – Getting info on placed images


Is an image RGB or CMYK, is it tiff or psd, is it high res or low res? Would you like to find out at the press of a key? Look and listen.


InDesign CS3 – CC – CC  |  mp4  |  1:15min


» 05 – Scale image shortcuts


For speeed and accuracy, you can use keyboard shortcuts to scale an image inside a picture frame.


InDesign CS3 – CC – CC  |  mp4  |  1:15min


» 06 – Apply color to a grayscale image


A quick, not necessarily the best, technique to apply colour to greyscale TIFF or psd is to do it from within InDesign. This tutorial sequence shows you how.


InDesign CS3 – CC – CC  |  mp4  |  1:15min













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