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Adobe InDesign – Pages panel 




» 01 – Keep spreads together


This tutorial sequence demonstrates how you can create pages in a non-facing pages document that sit side by side, as opposed to appearing vertically one after the other: in effect, creating a spread from 2 single pages. This can be useful, for example, if you want to create a four page A4 newsletter that will be printed on an A3 sheet of paper.


InDesign CS3 – CC  |  mp4  |  1:51min


» 02 – Master pages shortcut


There is a variety of ways to get to the master pages in your document -- this tutorial sequence demonstrates how to get there using the keyboard.


InDesign CS3 – CC  |  mp4  |  1:15min


» 03 – Combine Spreads in InDesign


This tutorial shows you how you can combine spreads or pages from individual documents to create a final composite document which you can then export as a PDF for final output. This allows you the flexiblity to have multiple members of a workgroup designing and editing different parts of the final publication at the same time, creating and efficient workflow and reducing bottlenecks as deadlines approach.


InDesign CS3  |  mp4  |  6:15min







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