adobe InCopy training course




All our training outlines are intended as a starting point for discussing course content in more detail. Virtually all the training we do is tailored to meet the requirements of delegates attending the training.


This is especially so with InCopy / LiveEdit training as the functionality provided by the software needs to be successfully integrated with each individual publishing workflow.

InCopy training course outline 




This is a 1 day introductory course outline. The aim of the training is to provide a basic overview of the InDesign, InCopy, LiveEdit workflow solution from Adobe. The day provides training for InDesign and InCopy users of the system.


By the end of the training session a project team should be able to develop a proof of concept which integrates the users' workflow with the functionality provided by the LiveEdit integration.




InDesign I

This session introduces InDesign users to the basic concepts of a LiveEdit workflow, including creating and managing InCopy content and assignments.

InCopy Content and Assignments

• Overview – InDesign / InCopy / LiveEdit  • Folder structure  • Naming conventions  • Exporting InCopy content  • Using Layers to mange content  • Creating Assignments  • Check in / Check out  • The Assignments panel  • Creating Notes  • Reading and Managing Notes



InCopy I

The objectives of this session are to introduce Editors/Writers to the main aspects of the InCopy working environment; to introduce some basic word-processing functionality; and to focus on Live Edit functionality – the Assignments panel, checking-out and checking-in InCopy content. Also, to introduce the use of Notes.

Interface / Working Environment

• Selecting and resetting the workspace  • Working with Floating and Docked Panels  • Galley & Story Appearance controls  • Galley, Story and Layout views  • Expand/Collapse Story components   • Show/Hide Hidden Characters   • Hide/Show Frame Edges   • Hide/Show Guides   • Normal and Preview modes   • Custom keyboard shortcuts


• Opening assignments  • Closing assignments  • The Assignments panel

Working with InCopy content

• Check Out  • Check In  • Check Out All  • Check In All

Write to Fit

• Editing text/Zooming/Scrolling – Layout view  • Copyfit readouts – Layout and Story views  • Update Geometry  • Selecting text  • Cursor movement through text


• Creating Notes  • Managing Notes  • Editing Notes  • Deleting Notes



InDesign II

The objectives of this session are to roundtrip the InCopy assignments by updating the original InDesign document with changes made in InCopy by editors/writers; to introduce techniques for managing assignments in InDesign; and to create a folder structure to allow a workflow to record revision cycles.

Managing Assignments

• Updating out-of date Assignments  • Updating InCopy content  • Navigating and reviewing Notes from editors  • Adding new content frames to InCopy Assignments  • Removing InCopy content from an Assignment

Working with revisions

• Creating a revisions workflow for InDesign/InCopy workflows  • Unlinking InCopy content  • Deleting Assignment files



InCopy II

The objective of this session is to introduce InCopy as a writing tool. It does not form a comprehensive introduction to the range of text editing feature available in InCopy.

Working with Type

• Entering text  • Selecting text  • Placing word-processed text  • Copy and Paste from Word  • Applying Paragraph Styles

Editing Text

• Selecting text  • Cursor movement through text  • Special Character sub-menu  • White Space sub-menu  • Find & Change  • Dynamic Spell Check command  • Spell Checking  • The Glyphs palette  • Inserting glyphs  • Create and Edit Glyph Sets  • Text Macros

Styling text

• The Character panel  • Applying Paragraph styles  • Applying Character styles  • Understanding Nested styles



Package Workflows

• Creating packaged InCopy Assignment files (.icap) in InDesign  • Opening packaged InCopy Assignment files (.icap) in InCopy  • The "silent" save to the InCopy Assignmens folder (.icma)  • Return for InDesign from InCopy (.idap)  • Updating the InDesign document with returned InCopy Assignment package (.idap)



Workflow practical session

The objective of this session is to bring together designers and editors in a “semi-live” environment in order to combine, as a working whole, the aspects of the LiveEdit workflow covered in the separate sessions.