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InDesign training course – Intro Level 2 



This is a detailed, introductory Level 2, InDesign course outline, designed to follow on from Level 1 training. This one day course aims to build on skills and features introduced in InDesign Level 1 training, then examine techniques and approaches that deliver efficiency and control when constructing more complex documents such as reports, newsletters and manuals.


Level 1 InDesign training and Level 2 InDesign training can be easily combined as a 2 day course, giving the new user a well rounded introduction and a solid foundation on which to build further InDesign skills.




To build on aspects of Adobe InDesign covered in Level 1 training. To show delegates how to structure and produce longer, more complex documents such as newsletters, brochures, magazines and books. To introduce Text Wrap controls, Text Frame options, master page setup, print and pdf export functions, as well as building paragraph and character styles for the efficient styling of type.



• Working with groups • Moving objects in groups • Scaling groups • The Group Selection tool • Sub-selecting objects in groups


Manipulating Objects

• Aligning Objects • The Align Panel • Locking and Unlocking Objects • Rotate tool • Shear tool • Scale tool • Live Corner controls • Drawing object grids



• Master Page setup • Creating Local Overrides • Automatic Page Numbering • Sectioning documents • Managing pages • Keep Spread Together / Allow Pages to Shuffle • Inserting, moving and deleting pages • Moving from page to page


Working with Type

• Kerning and Tracking controls • Kerning preferences • Baseline Shift • Space Before / After • Drop Caps • Setting a Baseline Grid • Align to Baseline Grid • Building Paragraph Style Sheets • Building Character Style Sheets • Keep Options and Breaks • Text Composers • Bullet Points • Paragraph Rules • Semi-automatic text flow • Automatic text flow techniques


Text Frame options

• Columns • Inset Spacing • Vertical Justification • Ignore Text Wrap


Text Wrap

• Text Wrap for irregular objects • Text Wrap and Stacking Order • Ignore Text Wrap for type frames



• Applying Gradients • The Gradient tool • The Gradient panel • Specifying colours • Multi-colour Gradients


Stroke Panel

• Dotted/dashed lines • Arrows


Working with Images

• Clipping Paths • Showing/Hiding Clipping paths • InDesign Clipping Paths • Placing Multiple Images • Fitting Controls • Flipping images • Working with Mini Bridge


Object Effects

• The Transparency panel • Drop Shadow • Feather • Gradient Feather


Preflight, Package and Print

• The Preflight dialog box • Package – Image Links, Fonts, Dictionaries, Reports • Print – General, Setup, Marks & Bleeds • Printer Styles • Exporting to PDF • Preflight • General, Compression, Marks & Bleeds tabs • InDesign Flattener settings • PDF styles





Get Creative

Just some of the numerous document types that we can build into your Adobe InDesign training …

a5 flyer examplea4 data sheet example4 page folded example6 page folded example6 page accordion example

InDesign bids, proposals, books


open quote Adapted the training to my needs. Gave me the tools to work things out myself in the future, as well as answering specific questions. Really cemented my knowledge. close quote

Nancy Triggs, Marketing Executive
Insider Journeys, Oxford
InDesign CC2105 training course




open quote Very useful training sessions, particularly as they were tailored exactly to the work we do. close quote


H D, Production Editor
7.4 Limited, Oxford
InDesign / Photoshop / Illustrator


open quote Excellent – accommodated different learning speeds very well! Very patient! close quote

Julia McCormack
Oxfordshire County Council
InDesign CS6 training course



open quote Excellent course. Hands-on, informative and interesting... It was brilliant. Thank you. close quote

Libby Summers
LibbyT Designs
Photoshop training