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Customer Comments – to 1999 





open quotation mark  I feel that a lot was covered in a short time and I am very confident to use Quark. close quotation mark

Sara Smith, Secretary, United Distillers,
Hammersmith, London



open quotation mark Very useful + interesting. close quotation mark

David Duffy, Service Manager
Travelers Fare Ltd, 50-52 Paul Street, London



open quotation mark Very relaxed and informal but highly efficient. close quotation mark

Fraser McDermott, Associate Art Editor
Cosmopolitan Magazine, The National Magazine Company



open quotation mark Very good indeed. Clear, concise. Lots of practical tips. Really enjoyed it. close quotation mark

Alison Jones, Training Manager
Inland Revenue, Nottingham



open quotation mark A very able introduction, well presented in a clear and relaxed manner. close quotation mark

Paul Burns, Art Editor
Ideal Homes Magazine, ipcmagazines



open quotation mark Very satisfactory and clear. close quotation mark

Christine E Gilliatt, Art Director
G&J of the UK



open quotation mark I found the course easier than I expected and am looking forward to actually working with desktop publishing. close quotation mark

Mailynne Woolley, Promotions Art Director
The National Magazine Company



open quotation mark Effective training - now I just have to put it into practice. close quotation mark

Susy Smith, Associate Editor
House Beautiful Magazine



open quotation mark Excellent - one of the most useful courses I have been on, and has given me the confidence in myself to continue. close quotation mark

Michael Smith, Design Manager
School Books, Oxford University Press



open quotation mark An extremely clear grounding on the basics – exactly what I came for. close quotation mark

Vanessa Doughty, Children's Books Promotions Manager
Oxford University Press



open quotation mark Excellent, very informative. close quotation mark

David Jenkins, Designer
ipc magazines



open quotation mark Excellent. close quotation mark

John Liebmann, Sub editor
New Scientist, ipc magazines



open quotation mark I feel confident about the program and comfortable with it, so for me the course was a great success. close quotation mark

Jennifer Newton, Freelance Designer
ipc magazines



open quotation mark Very good trainer easy to understand and patient. close quotation mark

Julie Patmore, Senior Designer
ipc magazines



open quotation mark Patient calm tuition - good. close quotation mark

Trisha Gordon Pugh, Deputy Art Editor
Woman Magazine, ipc magazines



open quotation mark Brilliant !! close quotation mark

Jonathan Mearn, Deputy Antiques Advert Manager
Country Life, ipc magazines



open quotation mark Much more relevant than the previous course we had. close quotation mark

Philip Smith, Production Editor
Woman Magazine, ipc magazines



open quotation mark The course was excellent. V. good because it was geared to work we would do on Quark. close quotation mark

Clare Nicoll, Promotions Assistant
Oxford University Press



open quotation mark Very Good - Although very intense but felt I have learnt a lot and feel confident about using the software. close quotation mark

Linda Ward, Art Editor
MIZZ magazine, ipc magazines



open quotation mark Very comprehensive course, well balanced both in speed and levels of understanding. close quotation mark

Connie Dickie, Sales Support Secretary
Universe Foods Ltd.



open quotation mark Very good - very logical approach - made possible for me to understand 'computer-speak'. close quotation mark

Melissa Nathan, Sub Editor
ipc magazines









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