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Adobe Illustrator book – Structured Learning a Beginner's Guide

The aim of this kickSTART book, Adobe Illustrator – Structured Learning a Beginner's Guide, is to get you up and running in the software, using it productively and efficiently from the start.


The book delivers a structured, concise and clearly defined pathway that takes you smoothly through your learning journey; with plenty of step by step instructions, screenshots, hints, tips and straightforward examples of how you can implement the features covered.


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Table of Contents


Introduction – the case for structured learning


1 : The Illustrator Working Environment

Vector and Bitmap

The Illustrator Start Screen

The Illustrator working environment

Tools panel

Creating a new document

Selecting a workspace

Properties panel


2 : Illustrator – the Basics

Opening an existing document

Saving Illustrator files

Save for Web (Legacy)

Zooming and scrolling techniques

Paths, points and handles


3 : Drawing, Selecting and Manipulating Basic Shapes

Drawing rectangles

Working with rounded corners

Drawing ellipses and circles

Drawing and working with polygons

Drawing and working with stars

Drawing and working with lines

Selecting objects

Magic Wand tool

Moving objects and shapes

Resizing objects

Ruler Guides

Smart Guides

Preview/Outline mode

Cut, Copy, Paste, Clear


4 : Color

Fill and Stroke

Create and manage color swatches

Color matching systems

The Color panel

Working with Global process colors


The Color Guide pane

Eyedropper tool


5 : Stacking Order, Grouping, Aligning and Spacing Objects

Stacking order

Paste in Front/in Back


Group Selection tool

Hide and Lock commands

The Align panel

Spacing and distributing objects

Isolation mode

X and Y Coordinates


6 : Type

Point type

Area type

Shape type

Type on a path

Importing text


7 : Typesetting Controls

Highlighting text

Font Family and Style

Font Size


Kerning and Tracking

Baseline Shift

Paragraph Indents

Paragraph Alignment



8 : Paths and Points

Working with anchor points

Adding and deleting anchor points

Converting points – smooth to corner

Converting points – corner to smooth

Converting points – retracting direction points

The Pen tool – straight lines

The Scissors tool


9 : Transformations


Transform Again





Free Transform


10 : Package, Print and Export


Print – color composites

Asset Export pane

Export for Screens






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