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How to run type around the top and bottom of a logo in Adobe Illustrator 

1 : Using the Type on a Path tool to create type at the top of the circle

This tutorial movie starts by showing you how to run type along the top of a circle using the Type on a Path tool. Then, how to identify and work with Start and End brackets to get in centered along the top.


Illustrator CC 2018 | mp4 | 3:58min



2 : Formatting and positioning the type using a combination of the Type on a Path dialog box and baseline shift

One option for positioning the type inside the path is to specify which part of the type aligns to the path. You can do this in the Type on a Path Options dialog box. You can then baseline shift the type to fine-tune the result. This tutorial shows you how.


Illustrator CC 2018 | mp4 | 4:44min



3 : Creating type at the bottom of the circle

Creating type at the bottom of the circle uses a similar set of features to running the type along the top. In addition, you need to be able to identify the center bracket of the type object and be able to flip the type inside the circle.


Illustrator CC 2018 | mp4 | 4:31min



4 : Finishing touches – Tracking the text to create a more attractive result

When you baseline shift type on a circle inwards, you typically start to compress the space between characters. To improve the final appearance of your type, it can often be a good idea to track the text. When you track text you introduce or remove space between characters across a range of text.


Illustrator CC 2018 | mp4 | 1:01min





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